Start your Android Development journey with us.

Android 50 is an online classroom carefully crafted for extreme beginners. It's your first step in your future career in tech!

What is it all about?

Android 50 is a one-month learning program that will introduce programming and Android app development to you.

Tailored for non-programmers

Our curriculum is well-crafted for people who have zero experience in programming.

Has Online Clasrooms

Android 50 is best in an online classroom where you learn with your peers in a timed program.

You learn by doing

We don't lead you in the tutorial trap. You will start making Android apps from day one.

An experiment for you

Android 50 lets you try and see if coding is for you or not. Give it a shot!


Learn on your own or join the next Android 50 classroom!

Lecture Videos


one time payment
  • Lectures on Udemy
  • Ask questions on Udemy
  • Self paced
  • Graded Quizzes + Assignments
  • Video Reviews to Assignments
  • Extra Learning Material
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Office Hours

Graded Quizzes

Reinforcing the knowledge you just learned is crucial. We provide you with quizzes in the online classroom to make sure you learn the concept.

Reviewed Assignments

Assignments are a great way to apply what you learn and make it stick. Your instructor will go over your work personally and make you a video review for each submission you make.

Learn with others

Be a part of a classroom where you learn together and from the lectures and from each other. Being a part of a classroom will keep you on track.


Online classroom makes you learn.

Joining an online classroom will give you superpowers. With the privileges you get, you will see how easy it's to learn a new skill and start a successful career in tech!

Extra Materials

You'll be part of a Slack workspace where complementary materials, inspirational readings, and extra lectures are posted constantly.

One-Month Program

We make sure your learning pace is effective by providing you with a calendar for lectures, quizzes and assignments.

Weekly Check-ins

Your instructor will personally have 1:1 meetings with you to check if you are on track. You will have a mentor watching you closely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the instructor?

Safa Orhan is the instructor and creator of Android 50. Safa has more than 10 years experience in building quality software. He worked in several startups, corporates and businesses including those he co-founded, taught Android to dozens of students in bootcamps, events, workshops and online classrooms.

Why should I pick you?

Android 50, especially with the online classroom, is well-crafted to teach programming -slowly and efficiently- to people of different backgrounds. We believe less is more and don't try to teach all the details at once and don't suffocate you in heavy theory. We follow active learning strategy so that you learn by doing from day one.

What will I learn at the end of this course?

You will experience how is it to be an Android application developer by completing 5 mini-projects. You will learn some fundamentals of programming in Kotlin and understand how to build native Android apps in Android Studio. At the end of Android 50 you can decide whether or not you want to pursue a career as an Android developer.

How can I get the most out of this course?

You need to complete all of the quizzes and assignments in time, attend regular check-in calls and practice a lot to maximize your learning. You should not binge-watch the whole course but instead you need to consume in meaningful bites. If you attend the online classroom, we will do our best to motivate you and get this whole course done in a month.

Still have questions?

Let's quickly hop on a Google Meet and discuss your questions and concerns. You can book a call with us for free and ask whatever you like!

What Students Say About Us?

Listen the experiences of people who attended the online classroom and followed Android 50 curriculum.

Absolutely he deserve 5 star. If you want to learn how to make amazing application with Kotlin, you must start this course. The speaker is encouraging you to develop coding skills. I had finished so quickly, because it was not boring. I hope this serie will be continue and it provides me more experiences. Thanks for course.

Hasan Huseyin CosgunElectronics Engineer

I took the course out of curiosity. I just wanted to try my luck at coding. I still can't believe though how in only a few weeks I was not only able to make tangible progress but also found myself enjoying every step of the experience! I believe I owe it both to the neat and skillful design of the course content and to the invaluable support of the tutor, Mr. Safa Orhan. I can't recommend it enough to doubtful enthusiasts like myself, you simply can't find a better way to start off in the world of android development!

Widad El SammanFreelance Translator

I have learned lot of things about XML. I couldn't even make a proper XML design but now, I know how to make a good UI for Android apps thanks to Android 50 course.

Enes DemirelHigh School Student

Made with love by Safa Orhan. A course from Cactus.School.

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